Friday, November 28, 2008

Ohh man. :]

I'd been working on Dad's present 80% of the day.
Damn. My first sharpie ran outta ink so I got a new Sharpie. But then I'm like 3/4 done and the stupid new Sharpie ran out. D: The feckkk. Shouldnt it have hella ink??

Here's like.. three pictures. :D

 Ate & Dad. So many years ago. @_@

I did my best. D:

Haha. You can see in the bottom left corner where I started running outta ink.

So as I was drawing & stuff, I came across these videos on Youtube.

Ohhh goodness. This made my day.
Reita xDD

Nao! <3

Monday, November 24, 2008

I shoulda known.

There was no point in putting my schedule for the week. xD
My lazy ass hasn't gotten to some of the stuff yet.

I spent yesterday & this morning watching Kiken Na Aneki.
Not as great as 1 Litre of Tears or Gokusen 2, but it was good enough.

Instead of a list of things I'm gonna do now, or by the end of this year, etc., I'm gonna make a list of things I want to do before I die.

Ready? Set. GUUUU!

1. Go to at least ONE concert.
2. Meet someone famous.
3. Get a great job.
4. Visit the Philippines.
5. Find love.
6. Go to Japan.
7. Spend a week in Cabo.
8. Learn Tagalog & Japanese

Decent, riiiiiggghhht? :]
Maaan, I make lots of to-do lists.
That's all for now!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Forget LiveJournal.


Yeah so, it's the first day of breaaaak.

Nov. 22: Lazy day/ Work on dad's present
Nov. 23: Movies w/ Dad.
Nov. 24: -- work more on the present?
Nov. 25: -- Clean the friggin apartment?
Nov. 26: -- Review plaaaay.
Nov. 27: Dont know where I'm celebrating yet.
Nov. 28: Berkley w/ Ate. Haircut.
Nov. 29: SF ??

Pastels = maybe.

To do list before promotion.
- Go to Japantown.
- Go to Pier 39.
- Do hella extra credit. [Drama 2 & ASB crap will probably bring my grades down.]
- Get 4.0's all year.
- Learn some friggin Tagalog.