Friday, March 27, 2009


Surprise spirit day, yay. The day was a success, I guess?

But as for me...
Raffle pull? Fail.
-I hella didn't do it right. Frickin' Roberto ripped my bag. >:O and this one girl was totally looking in the bag, and when I told her she was disqualified, she denied it. People at my school are so stupid. -_- At the end of 7th period, I realized I still had all these winning tickets, so I just handed them out.

Feed the baby contest? Fail.
-I was gonna play with Nikki during early lunch, but since she couldnt eat today, and I didn't want to be covered in chocolate pudding (after seeing Rebeccah OWN Lynnay), we didn't do it. However, I did it w/ Donica during late lunch because I had to feed her. >:D So we were blindfolded and whatnots and the battle commences! According to Sandra and Angellica, I had missed Donica's mouth, shoved pudding up her nose, and ignored her screams. xDDDDDDDD Hahhahah I love you Donica.

Water balloon toss? Fail/Win
-After we cleaned up, the ASB and a few leadership students had their own water balloon toss. I partnered up w/ Jasmine and managed to get through the first and second round, but when it was my turn to catch it next, it slipped out of my grasp, fell onto the floor, and popped. There wasn't enough for everyone to do a second round, so Ms. Mossin told us to go into groups of three. Then, she handed each group a balloon, moved out of the way, and said we were gonna have a water balloon fight. Salina was looking elsewhere so I told Efren to throw it at her. Hah-hah! Got her right in the back.

Certificate-handing-out-thing? Fail.
-I think I handed them out at the wrong times. -____- I had to give them to Ms. Delaney, Ms. Mossin, Mr. Ed, & Janice. Ms. Delaney was kinda happy about it, Ms. Mossin gave me a hug at the end, Mr. Ed was like "if I knew it was for me, I wouldn't have let you announce it.", & Janice looked so embarrassed. xD Sorry, it was my job. Mr. Ed only has 4 kids in his frickin' 2nd period. Wtf?

Cake eating contest? Fail?
-Our (Junior, Angelina, & I) station did okay, if you leave out the people ganging up on our table part. The only problem was the size of each slice, and the fact that people didn't throw their plates away. D:< I didn't get how we decided to choose the winners, though. Junior said to eat all the crumbs, but when I said someone won, he said they had to eat the frosting too? Gah, oh well. Someone dropped the third cake. o_o

Over all, it was a good day. :] Aside from the fact that it was really hot outside.

Oh, they're cute.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

I haven't posted in quite a while.

Donica & Beccah came over after school. Our day mainly consisted of eating, laughter, mother/daughter talks, FML, & future hair/dress up plans. I sure make a pretty darn good-looking guy, if I do say so myself. :D I'm kidding, of course. I faaaiiiilll.

It's fun eating with Donica because I'm always forcing her to finish all her food when she clearly can't take another bite. That's what she gets for stealing my bowl of ramen. >:D

After they left, I spent the rest of the night arguing w/ my mother, annoying Nikki, talking to Will, & watching numerous cooking videos on YouTube. *sigh* You'll hear about those cooking videos a lot.

Ohhh man, it feels so good to wake up and have to pick between getting up or staying in bed, rather than having to force yourself up just to prepare yourself for another crappy day at school.

Ate Shei's friends came over to work on spirit week stuff, so I stayed in my room playing with my hair. I should really stop doing it. o_o My hair's gonna be murdered. Kuya came over and was hella pissed at them. xD

Sat. & Sun.-
Just hung around the house w/ Kuya watching Hana Kimi and playing Nintendo64.
This past week, ohhh maaaaan. I-Search crap & volleyball. -__________________________________-

Try-outs have completely wiped me out. Not only am I out of shape, but I was trying to do everything correctly. (Last year I half did a lot of drills.) Wall sits, 20 wall jumps, and lines. Those are my least favorite things EVER. People need to start listening properly. D: I don't want Coach to get revenge. I like hitting and playing back row the best, I think. The only problem was that I could only hit properly when Ms. Q was tossing them up for us. I have to practice more when it's the setters. I've always been scared of front row.

I kept reminding myself that I did terribly during the games last year. That was last year, but I really don't want to re-make those mistakes.

I bs'd my whole first question essay. xD Everything was so basic.. It was definitely one of the worst things I've written. We did it the past week and I really didn't feel like doing a lot because of volleyball. That's really bad. I hate working in class because, in order to get the results I want, I have to have it dead quiet. Well, I'm gonna work on my other four essays this weekend so that I don't get behind. Yay for planning!

Oh, and my stupid allergies have been acting up.-__-
Donica, Nikki, & Beccah came over again. :D I cooked spam & bacon, Beccah & Nikki made scrambled eggs (which were soooo good), and Donica beat the eggs. :]

Nintendo again!
"Hey 'Ta, go on top of the one and you'll teleport... to me!!! Puwahahaha *shoots innocent Diddy Kong.*" -Donica.

Nikki, I hope your ass doesn't hurt still. xDDDD Teaches you to get Beccah mad! >:D

Monday, March 2, 2009


First period was such a pain. D: My wrist is in pain because of volleyball w/ my dad on Saturday. -________- We had to write all this stuff down for health really fast so we could get done on time and stuff. Blah, I needa play more carefully. We had a sub for Ms. Stull's class today. Interesting man. o_o Teaching us about quantum physics and what not... in an eighth grade English class. xD Algebra was pretty good, too.

"Hey, have you seen the sequel to 'The Girl Next Door'? 'The Girl Around the Block.'"

We walked home and I really wanted to buy something. I should never have money in my pocket, since I'm always tempted to spend it on heart attack inducing foods. -______-

Goal for the rest of the year: STOP SPENDING MONEY RECKLESSLY.

Tomorrow's a short day. Woo! Except spending 3 hours with a teacher who will most likely force the class to do fitness stuff doesn't sound very fun.

f.o.b. #1 alert. :OO