Friday, January 30, 2009


Ah, fun day.

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What the fuck.

I hate it when shit like this happens.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First day of the Semester.

It was a pretty good day, actually.

First Period, Ms. Q-
All we did was talk about what we were gonna do for PE the rest of the year.

Second Period, Ms. Ogden-
Her class is .. okay, I guess I just have to be in there a few more times to say "Damn, this class is boring" or "Wow, this isn't as bad as it seems." I really like her overhead projector. It's not like what all the other teachers have. (The old school ones with transparencies.) Her's is like.. modern. You can see her hands when she writes. xD Make sense? Didn't think so. :D

Third & Fourth Period, Mr. Luu-
Got to skip most of third period cause I was helping Ms. Smith pass out all the nifty leadership shirts to ASB students. Woo! Go Efren! [He designed them.]

All I have to say is... "Special, special, special! Do you know Barney?" Hahhahah.

Fifth & Sixth Period, Ms. Stull-
..... Her class is okay. I liked Ms. Kim better tho. She got mad at me xD Well, not mad, but I can tell she was annoyed. "Class, on #6, don't put you didn't think of a question. Make one up." Oh well.

Seventh Period, Mr. Ed-
Improvs. Improvs. Improvs. I use to LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE doing improvs in 6th grade. But nowadays they're just "eh" to me. So went up, I just did the first thing that came to mind and it was pretty darn fun. I love improvs again cause you can act like an idiot and not be looked at funny for it. :D

Talked to Ms. Smith after school about today's assemblies. Then I headed down the 6th grade hallway and realized there was Student Store today [well, yesterday]. -__- Only one person showed up, so it was good that I came. Then, I helped Ms. Mossin with storing some of the leadership beverages.

So, then I walked home. And I'm 3/4 of my way to the stairs and my brother calls. He comes over... and eats all the stupid Jello cups. xD

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barach Obama's Inauguration.

44th President of the United States, wooo!

So, I was pretty psyched when I realized today was a Tuesday, meaning I don't have to perform. Woot, riight? I'm so tired still. I didn't want to do anything, so having health first period was a good thing. Instead, we watched Obama's inauguration ceremony. It was all good tho, since I forgot about it. xD I reallllly wanted to watch it. They even extended first period so that people could finish watching his speech. xD

The people behind me were pretty darn rude. They kept talking. Blahh!

Guy on TV: Barack Obama is.. something something African-American something something.
"Aye wait, aint he Hawaiian?"

Actually, everyone pretty annoying. They kept talking. & Budge was no help either! He kept talkign to me xD

Camera shows Clinton.
"Clinton! Theres my maaayyynee."

Camera shows news feed from Los Angeles.

Camera shows Bush.
"Hah, he's just sittin' there. All like 'Hey, where am I? Why am I outside? I thought I was at a Celtics game?!'"

Obama says something about opening fists.
*Balls up hands. Uses one fist to pry open the other one* "Argh!"
I stare at him.
"You dont have a sense of humor, do you?"

The inauguration was pretty interesting. I wish that people would shut up tho. xD
I hated the whole walking slow.. thing. I was just like DAMN! Get outside already!!!!!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tito Mel's birthday.

Okay sooooo. Dad & I are outside Sushi Avenue wondering if anyone's even there yet. Dad was looking through the window like a freaking stalker. Gah. He's so creepy. xD I opened the door and could see Norris's G-paw. Then it was like "oh! they are here."

I walked up to the "big people table" & greet Tito & give him his present. Then I walk over to the kiddie table and kinda walk around saying hi and stuff. There wasn't a chair for me, so I just kinda stood around not knowing what to do. Finally, I'm given a chair and plop down next to Reggie. Tita Lisa hands me a plate and tells me to eat this fried... something roll that they got out of the appetizers.

Tita Heidi: Oy, 'Ta! Do you hab dis one? *points at menu*
T: *covers mouth b/c of foooood.* Oh, yes po.
Tita Heidi: Okay okay, order a bento box.
T: *Looks at menu* Uhhh...
Reggie: Ta! Get the combo bento box.
Norris: Yeah here's the plan....

I hella want this to look cool. Puahahah.

Operation: Bento box.
First. Three combo bento boxes are to be ordered.
Every bento box has to have California Rolls as one of the choices. The next choice is whatever the hell the person wants. Thus, the four of us (Kevin, Norris, Reggie, Tata) shall share them.

Anywayzzz. Then, we chat along, waiting for the food. Random shit happened. Like.. Tito Mel's joke, "There's a man laying dead on the floor with a hole in his suit. What happened?", pick up lines, invitations, stories.

The whole passing out the food was a total mess. Only one of the bento boxes that we ordered came. We got another box, but it wasnt even ours. While we're eating, the adults kept offering me food. Or, I should say, Tita Lisa & Tito Lino kept offering me food. xD

Tita Lisa: Ta, do you want the salad?

Tita Lisa: Ta, eat dis one naman. *holds a spoon w/ California roll on it out*
Me: O-okay.

Tito Lino: *holding shrimp tempura in chopsticks* 'Ta, do you want this?
Me: Oh, no thank you po.
Tito Lino: Are you sure?
Me: Uhm.. well I uh.. sure--
Tito Lino: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, I'm sure. No thank y--
Tito Lino: *Drops it on my plate, giggles, and walks away.*

Hahahahah. I gave the shrimp & CA roll to Norris anyway. xD

And then, Kevin & NJ kept talking about freak dancing & whatnots. NJ was giving me advice. xD I dont even remember what it was.. it was something about not dancing cause random guys will just come up behind you.

Then after dinner there was the whole happy birthday singing thing. By then, Danielle & I were the only kids still inside. I wanted to sing but I'm too shy when it comes to that. xD I glanced over and Tita Grace was just looking at me. Then I got all.. paranoid cause I was thinking she was mad cause I wasnt singing. xD Then they started passing out ice cream.

Tita Grace: 'Ta do you want ice cream?
Me: No thank you, po.

-Two minutes later-
Tita Lisa: *hands Danielle ice cream. another bowl in hand* Ta, here you go. *tries to give me bowl*
Me: Oh, no thank you, po. It's okay.
Tito Lino: Oh, here 'Ta. *hands me bowl*
Tita Lisa: Hindi siyang gusto. [She doesn't want any]

Haha, thinking about it. I think I was rude to refuse. =X

I'm far too lazy to type this one up. xD But, let's just say it consisted of mainly of Guitar Hero World Tour, drunk uncles, repeats of Misery Business, and randomness.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

First times.

So, Wal-mart & Quickly just opened and both are down the street on either side of my apartment. [about a block away.] And today for the first time I went to both w/ my fasshhhhaaa.

Wally World-
The parking lot was craaazy. On the left of the entrance, this band was playing & on the right side was like.. this Mexican radio station thing. Inside, it was like HOLYSHIT. [I haven't been inside a Wal-mart in a while] I was looking around and I found the Asian food section. Lately I've been dying to cook something so I grabbed a package of udon. Just when I was about to leave, something caught my eye...


I was like " ^^ ohhhh shitzaah!" I grabbed one and was all happy.

Dad needed dental floss so we were running around the store trying to find it, but there were so many signs and people I was going stupid. "Dad, check in the'Kitchen' section." -Dad looks at me- "Cause, ya know.. when you eat you need to get the food out with something." "Dad, dad! Go to the 'Bedding' section" Bedrooms sometimes have a bathroom.. and in bathrooms there is dental floss! Then, after all my stupid suggestions, we finally ask someone who works there. xD

So yeah, after grabbing all the stuff we needed, we went to the indoor Subway. Yummmm. Then we paid and were off!

"Hey Dad, there's a, um, Quickly that just opened down the street. Can we go there? My treeeaaatttt."

As we pull into the parking lot, I get a call from Tita Heidi. Turn's out, it's Tito Mel's beefday. Then I'm all excited cause I love hanging out with Tita Heidi, Tito, Norris, & Melraaaay. So I'm walking to the entrance in my oh-so-good mood. The line was freakin long. xD I was standing outside the door. These two little girls in front of me kept staring. D: Probably thinking something like, Is that a boy? or is that a girl? Maybe if I stare long enough, the answer will pop up! To buy time, I stare at the ginormous menu trying to decide what to get.

Hmm... Passion Fruit Snow & Mango Escape.....

To buy even more time in the long line, Dad and I call my sisters to inform them of the celabratory news. Tick tock tick tock. Little girls staring. Stare at menu once more! Finally, I'm second in line.

Hmm... Jasmine Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Bubble Black Tea.. $1.49 w/o tapioca.... Hmmmm...

Then I finally order. Instead w/ the Jasmine Milk Tea & Mango Escape. [Who cares tho riiight?]
Dad and I were in there for nearly half an hour & costumers that barely came got their drinks almost right away so
Dad went up to complain.

So yeah. Far too lazy to type what happened. xD But yeah, I ended up getting another jasmine milk tea. xD But I felt so baaaaaadddd. I'm not gonna go to Quickly for a while. xD

So now.. I'm waiting for Dad to get ready so we can head out on our journey to ze restaurant.

Friday, January 16, 2009

My posts are pretty darn stupid.


This week has been streeeessssfulllllll. I can't even remember everything. xD

Monday: Play. && set up after school.
Tuesday: Watch play w/ class.
Wednesday: Bayfair & passport shit.
Thursday: Plaaaaay.
Friday: NWEA & ELA Midterm.

& all the stupid hw in between. & all the apprehensiveness that comes w/ that stupid essay.

I did'nt want to go to school today. I was oh so tired. After I showered, I sat on the edge of my bed, stared at the closet, and nearly fell asleep.

Gaaahh. Stupid NWEA testing. went down nine points. =/ I hate no improvement.

To-do List for January:
- Fold 40 PC's.
- Buy Ate's present.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Plays started. WOOT.
I'm pretty proud of my cast.
I'm sorry, but I expected something to go wrong.

:[ Sorries.

Seems pretty busy this month for me.
Jan. 15: Play.
Jan: 21: Play.
Jan. 22: Play.
Jan. 27: TBoSC

Hahhaha four things, that's busy riiight?

And then all this other ASB crap. Gah.
I dont get it. All these budget cuts and crap. Cant have paper towels, cant affored subs, & teachers are gonna be laid off, but we're getting ASB shirts and ordering alls crap for all this other crap. -_- TEH FECK.

Maaaan. And I have all these tests coming up.
1. Algebra Mid-term.
3. Social Studies Final. [I think.]
4. ELA test.

It feels so bussssyyy.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Damn it.

I want to rip her fucking guts out and shove it down her throat.


Sure, I overreacted.
Sure, I could have reasoned with her.
Sure, I could have shut my big mouth.
Sure, I could have just ignored it and left it alone.

But no. I didnt.

Ate Shei, I'm sorry.

I probably would've cussed more, hadn't it been for her. Most of the things I would've done to her didn't happen cause I was listening to Ate Shei.

Damn it. Today was suppose to be a good ass day. Fuck, this whole weekend was suppose to be a relaxation day due to the previous week.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Sunday, January 4, 2009


First post of the year, eh?
I don't have much to say. Hahaha.

Operation: Reconstruction is a go! xD

Ze Bizznatch annoys the shit out of me.