Monday, March 2, 2009


First period was such a pain. D: My wrist is in pain because of volleyball w/ my dad on Saturday. -________- We had to write all this stuff down for health really fast so we could get done on time and stuff. Blah, I needa play more carefully. We had a sub for Ms. Stull's class today. Interesting man. o_o Teaching us about quantum physics and what not... in an eighth grade English class. xD Algebra was pretty good, too.

"Hey, have you seen the sequel to 'The Girl Next Door'? 'The Girl Around the Block.'"

We walked home and I really wanted to buy something. I should never have money in my pocket, since I'm always tempted to spend it on heart attack inducing foods. -______-

Goal for the rest of the year: STOP SPENDING MONEY RECKLESSLY.

Tomorrow's a short day. Woo! Except spending 3 hours with a teacher who will most likely force the class to do fitness stuff doesn't sound very fun.

f.o.b. #1 alert. :OO

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