Friday, June 5, 2009

Have I told you how much I love my friends?

Well, I do. Very, very much.

Great America.
Good food. Good rides. Great laughs.

Flight Deck 01
Firefalls (didnt go)
Spongebob spinny ride
Pirate Boat
Drop Zone (didn't go)
the Grizzly
Whitewater Falls
Bumper Cars
Flight Deck 02

I might have left something out. Great America was the best :]

The best bits~
-"Who the fuck said we weren't gonna get wet?!" -Arnold. Whitewater Falls.
-So, I went on the Pirate Boat thing w/ Jessica Z., Taylor, & Mr. Luu b/c nobody would go on it. Because they suck. They were playing in the kiddie area of Boomerang Bay. After the ride, they were aaaaaaaaaaaaaaallll wet. The looked at me, and Benny said, "Get herrrrrrr!" I was like, NOOOOO!!! They all attacked me. o.o "If you want me to go, let me go by myself." I ran, but they caught up. xD I fell onto the ground and every single one of them grabbed one of my limbs and carried me to the mist thingy. I stopped fighting, 'cause I knew it'd happen either way. Ahh, they suck.
-Having Mr. Luu w/ us was the most amusing thing ever. We put him on almost every ride w/ us. He absolutely wouldn't go on Drop Zone, tho.
-"You don't get a big prize, but you get a funky little monkey!!" -Worker Guy.

I can't believe Efren got a huge Poke'mon prize for only $1. -_- Lynnay spent $10 bucks trying to get a big one, but FAAAIIILLLEEED. Jessica tried once and got her a Pikachu. Better than a funky little monkey, I'll tell you that.

Too cute.

8th Grade Promotion Dance.
It was kinda cute, in a way. GOOD JOB MS. ARRONA! :D We were able to get three gifts from the PTSA: a cup thing, 2009 glasses, & tattoos. Pretty cool, I guess. I actually danced! Yay! :D Pretty sucky song selection, but it was fun. Very memorable.

I attacked the food table. >:D So much cake in my system that night.

Guys, I love you.

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