Saturday, June 20, 2009

Summer lovin' had me a blaaaassstt.

.... not really. ;]

ZOMGLOLAWLSAUCE. Summer is interesting. I feel like it's been summer for so long already. Hmmm...

Yeah, I've done tennis this past week. Initially, I was only doing it so that Nikki would know someone in tennis & because volleyball conditioning wouldn't happen until July. Little did I know.... that I would start to like it. Coach & everyone on the team is really nice. :3 It's like... every Asian person has this addictive hormone in their brain that starts when you first hit the tennis ball. It's madness! So much to work on... so muchhhh.

My schedule for the past week has been:
Wake up at 11:30.
Tennis at 3:30.
Get home at 6-ish.
Stay up till 2.

And on, and on, and on.

Today (technically yesterday) was Archie's beef day! :D I had fun, but I felt like a party pooper. *sigh* My insanity level has been low lately. Until I get home, at least. Hmm... maybe it's the computer radiation... messing with my soul... !!!!!!!! @__________@ HAPPYBIRTHDAYARCHIIIIIIIE.

Ahhhh, darn. Now I want to be stupid. I lost my blue crab, too. -_-

SUMMER GOAL: stop cussing.
...yeah right.

Stop cussing excessively.

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