Friday, February 27, 2009


I'm so tired, but I can't sleep because I had to eat all this food so that it wouldn't go to waste. -_______- My plan was to sleep early and sleep in tomorrow, but no. My dumbass asked for food when I knew I would be eating pretty late.

Blah. Well, enough of that. This blog's gonna be pretty darn long. Thus, I shall add color to make it all look organized. [When it really isnt.] ftw. xD

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Intentionally rewashing clothing simply because you don't feel like putting it away

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When telling a story to friends, you realize that the story you are telling isn't as cool as you thought it was when you first started, and decide to edit it with exaggerations or lies to make it sound more interesting.

Puahahah. This is so true.

Teh school day/after school you ask?
Nothing special. Did nothing in PE, science was boring, subs in core classes, annoying ass drama class. Now, thanks to Bill Nye the science guy, I fully understand momentum. :D

Then, I walked home w/ Nikki & Carlo. As I was walking, I was quite surprised to hear my sisters were waiting for me at home. So I rushed as fast as I could and opened the door for them. They ate like BEASTS and we were off to the thrift store..

The adventures of teh sistersssss.
With spirit week coming up, Ate Shei wanted to expand her wardrobe to have a pretty cool outfit for each day of the week, so we head to Thrift Town and all went our separate ways.

My closet is full of hoodies, t-shirts, jeans, cardigans, & whatnots, but no real formal wear or girl-type-of clothing. So I was searching around for a skirt or a dress. Women's skirts? No. Women's dresses? No. Girls dresses? No. Girl's skirts? No. Then, as I am prepared to give up, I just stroll around the "Better Clothes" part of the girl's section. At this point, I know I'm not going to find anything and spy this really nice skirt. o______o And then I run off to the little boy's section and find a nice vest. YAY FOR THRIFTOWN. I was in the kids' section and I thought I saw these pants that I donated a while back. Hmm...

Sitting at home doing absolutely nothing.
I'd been meaning to write about behindinfinity [on deviantart] for a while. He, and the rest of the Tuxedo Team, are so amazing. I wish I went to Fanime D:< I was reading his journal and, much to my surprise, Lori was linked on it! :D

This has to be my favorite picture of them. xD


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