Tuesday, January 27, 2009

First day of the Semester.

It was a pretty good day, actually.

First Period, Ms. Q-
All we did was talk about what we were gonna do for PE the rest of the year.

Second Period, Ms. Ogden-
Her class is .. okay, I guess I just have to be in there a few more times to say "Damn, this class is boring" or "Wow, this isn't as bad as it seems." I really like her overhead projector. It's not like what all the other teachers have. (The old school ones with transparencies.) Her's is like.. modern. You can see her hands when she writes. xD Make sense? Didn't think so. :D

Third & Fourth Period, Mr. Luu-
Got to skip most of third period cause I was helping Ms. Smith pass out all the nifty leadership shirts to ASB students. Woo! Go Efren! [He designed them.]

All I have to say is... "Special, special, special! Do you know Barney?" Hahhahah.

Fifth & Sixth Period, Ms. Stull-
..... Her class is okay. I liked Ms. Kim better tho. She got mad at me xD Well, not mad, but I can tell she was annoyed. "Class, on #6, don't put you didn't think of a question. Make one up." Oh well.

Seventh Period, Mr. Ed-
Improvs. Improvs. Improvs. I use to LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE doing improvs in 6th grade. But nowadays they're just "eh" to me. So went up, I just did the first thing that came to mind and it was pretty darn fun. I love improvs again cause you can act like an idiot and not be looked at funny for it. :D

Talked to Ms. Smith after school about today's assemblies. Then I headed down the 6th grade hallway and realized there was Student Store today [well, yesterday]. -__- Only one person showed up, so it was good that I came. Then, I helped Ms. Mossin with storing some of the leadership beverages.

So, then I walked home. And I'm 3/4 of my way to the stairs and my brother calls. He comes over... and eats all the stupid Jello cups. xD

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