Saturday, January 17, 2009

First times.

So, Wal-mart & Quickly just opened and both are down the street on either side of my apartment. [about a block away.] And today for the first time I went to both w/ my fasshhhhaaa.

Wally World-
The parking lot was craaazy. On the left of the entrance, this band was playing & on the right side was like.. this Mexican radio station thing. Inside, it was like HOLYSHIT. [I haven't been inside a Wal-mart in a while] I was looking around and I found the Asian food section. Lately I've been dying to cook something so I grabbed a package of udon. Just when I was about to leave, something caught my eye...


I was like " ^^ ohhhh shitzaah!" I grabbed one and was all happy.

Dad needed dental floss so we were running around the store trying to find it, but there were so many signs and people I was going stupid. "Dad, check in the'Kitchen' section." -Dad looks at me- "Cause, ya know.. when you eat you need to get the food out with something." "Dad, dad! Go to the 'Bedding' section" Bedrooms sometimes have a bathroom.. and in bathrooms there is dental floss! Then, after all my stupid suggestions, we finally ask someone who works there. xD

So yeah, after grabbing all the stuff we needed, we went to the indoor Subway. Yummmm. Then we paid and were off!

"Hey Dad, there's a, um, Quickly that just opened down the street. Can we go there? My treeeaaatttt."

As we pull into the parking lot, I get a call from Tita Heidi. Turn's out, it's Tito Mel's beefday. Then I'm all excited cause I love hanging out with Tita Heidi, Tito, Norris, & Melraaaay. So I'm walking to the entrance in my oh-so-good mood. The line was freakin long. xD I was standing outside the door. These two little girls in front of me kept staring. D: Probably thinking something like, Is that a boy? or is that a girl? Maybe if I stare long enough, the answer will pop up! To buy time, I stare at the ginormous menu trying to decide what to get.

Hmm... Passion Fruit Snow & Mango Escape.....

To buy even more time in the long line, Dad and I call my sisters to inform them of the celabratory news. Tick tock tick tock. Little girls staring. Stare at menu once more! Finally, I'm second in line.

Hmm... Jasmine Milk Tea, Taro Milk Tea, Bubble Black Tea.. $1.49 w/o tapioca.... Hmmmm...

Then I finally order. Instead w/ the Jasmine Milk Tea & Mango Escape. [Who cares tho riiight?]
Dad and I were in there for nearly half an hour & costumers that barely came got their drinks almost right away so
Dad went up to complain.

So yeah. Far too lazy to type what happened. xD But yeah, I ended up getting another jasmine milk tea. xD But I felt so baaaaaadddd. I'm not gonna go to Quickly for a while. xD

So now.. I'm waiting for Dad to get ready so we can head out on our journey to ze restaurant.

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