Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Plays started. WOOT.
I'm pretty proud of my cast.
I'm sorry, but I expected something to go wrong.

:[ Sorries.

Seems pretty busy this month for me.
Jan. 15: Play.
Jan: 21: Play.
Jan. 22: Play.
Jan. 27: TBoSC

Hahhaha four things, that's busy riiight?

And then all this other ASB crap. Gah.
I dont get it. All these budget cuts and crap. Cant have paper towels, cant affored subs, & teachers are gonna be laid off, but we're getting ASB shirts and ordering alls crap for all this other crap. -_- TEH FECK.

Maaaan. And I have all these tests coming up.
1. Algebra Mid-term.
3. Social Studies Final. [I think.]
4. ELA test.

It feels so bussssyyy.

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