Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Barach Obama's Inauguration.

44th President of the United States, wooo!

So, I was pretty psyched when I realized today was a Tuesday, meaning I don't have to perform. Woot, riight? I'm so tired still. I didn't want to do anything, so having health first period was a good thing. Instead, we watched Obama's inauguration ceremony. It was all good tho, since I forgot about it. xD I reallllly wanted to watch it. They even extended first period so that people could finish watching his speech. xD

The people behind me were pretty darn rude. They kept talking. Blahh!

Guy on TV: Barack Obama is.. something something African-American something something.
"Aye wait, aint he Hawaiian?"

Actually, everyone pretty annoying. They kept talking. & Budge was no help either! He kept talkign to me xD

Camera shows Clinton.
"Clinton! Theres my maaayyynee."

Camera shows news feed from Los Angeles.

Camera shows Bush.
"Hah, he's just sittin' there. All like 'Hey, where am I? Why am I outside? I thought I was at a Celtics game?!'"

Obama says something about opening fists.
*Balls up hands. Uses one fist to pry open the other one* "Argh!"
I stare at him.
"You dont have a sense of humor, do you?"

The inauguration was pretty interesting. I wish that people would shut up tho. xD
I hated the whole walking slow.. thing. I was just like DAMN! Get outside already!!!!!

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