Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tito Mel's birthday.

Okay sooooo. Dad & I are outside Sushi Avenue wondering if anyone's even there yet. Dad was looking through the window like a freaking stalker. Gah. He's so creepy. xD I opened the door and could see Norris's G-paw. Then it was like "oh! they are here."

I walked up to the "big people table" & greet Tito & give him his present. Then I walk over to the kiddie table and kinda walk around saying hi and stuff. There wasn't a chair for me, so I just kinda stood around not knowing what to do. Finally, I'm given a chair and plop down next to Reggie. Tita Lisa hands me a plate and tells me to eat this fried... something roll that they got out of the appetizers.

Tita Heidi: Oy, 'Ta! Do you hab dis one? *points at menu*
T: *covers mouth b/c of foooood.* Oh, yes po.
Tita Heidi: Okay okay, order a bento box.
T: *Looks at menu* Uhhh...
Reggie: Ta! Get the combo bento box.
Norris: Yeah here's the plan....

I hella want this to look cool. Puahahah.

Operation: Bento box.
First. Three combo bento boxes are to be ordered.
Every bento box has to have California Rolls as one of the choices. The next choice is whatever the hell the person wants. Thus, the four of us (Kevin, Norris, Reggie, Tata) shall share them.

Anywayzzz. Then, we chat along, waiting for the food. Random shit happened. Like.. Tito Mel's joke, "There's a man laying dead on the floor with a hole in his suit. What happened?", pick up lines, invitations, stories.

The whole passing out the food was a total mess. Only one of the bento boxes that we ordered came. We got another box, but it wasnt even ours. While we're eating, the adults kept offering me food. Or, I should say, Tita Lisa & Tito Lino kept offering me food. xD

Tita Lisa: Ta, do you want the salad?

Tita Lisa: Ta, eat dis one naman. *holds a spoon w/ California roll on it out*
Me: O-okay.

Tito Lino: *holding shrimp tempura in chopsticks* 'Ta, do you want this?
Me: Oh, no thank you po.
Tito Lino: Are you sure?
Me: Uhm.. well I uh.. sure--
Tito Lino: Are you sure?
Me: Yeah, I'm sure. No thank y--
Tito Lino: *Drops it on my plate, giggles, and walks away.*

Hahahahah. I gave the shrimp & CA roll to Norris anyway. xD

And then, Kevin & NJ kept talking about freak dancing & whatnots. NJ was giving me advice. xD I dont even remember what it was.. it was something about not dancing cause random guys will just come up behind you.

Then after dinner there was the whole happy birthday singing thing. By then, Danielle & I were the only kids still inside. I wanted to sing but I'm too shy when it comes to that. xD I glanced over and Tita Grace was just looking at me. Then I got all.. paranoid cause I was thinking she was mad cause I wasnt singing. xD Then they started passing out ice cream.

Tita Grace: 'Ta do you want ice cream?
Me: No thank you, po.

-Two minutes later-
Tita Lisa: *hands Danielle ice cream. another bowl in hand* Ta, here you go. *tries to give me bowl*
Me: Oh, no thank you, po. It's okay.
Tito Lino: Oh, here 'Ta. *hands me bowl*
Tita Lisa: Hindi siyang gusto. [She doesn't want any]

Haha, thinking about it. I think I was rude to refuse. =X

I'm far too lazy to type this one up. xD But, let's just say it consisted of mainly of Guitar Hero World Tour, drunk uncles, repeats of Misery Business, and randomness.

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