Monday, December 29, 2008


[15:11] Nik: 4rwywrgf
[15:12] Tat: sorry, i dont speak stupid.
[15:12] Nik: I thought you were the genius in stupid.
[15:12] Nik:
[15:12] Tat: nah. i failed that class.
[15:12] Nik: Which shows how stupid, you really are.
[15:12] Nik: XD
[15:13] Tat: or, my friend im to smart to be stupid. ;D
[15:13] Nik: NO.
[15:13] Nik: SHUT UP
[15:13] Nik: XD
[15:13] Tat: hahahah.

I need some cold weather. I mean really? When's it gonna start raining hella hard? D:

"'Te! Look, look! Look what I made!"
*stares at screen* "Hold on, 'Ta."
-Sigh, disappointment fills me up like a buffet.

Lame simile.

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