Thursday, December 18, 2008

Last Christmas.

I gave you my <3 Lalalalaaaa.

I'm hella.. ready already. And it's only like 7:04 am.
So last night was Motu'aina's christmas party. :]
Fun night, but couldnt stay long.
It's okay though, since we even got to go.

When we pulled in to the parking lot I got really nervous, cause it was like "Oh my gosh, what if what if..." this and that.

Nikki: Call Aeriel, Ta! Tell her to come outside.
Tata: *ring ring* Aeriel? Hey guess what? WE'RE OUTSIDE. Come get us.
Aeriel: Omg omg omg. Ok ok! :D

Wow wow wow. So many hugs last night. I went up and hugged Auntie Catherine. She seemed really happy. Hahah. I expected a like "Oh, it's you..." But she actually hugged the four of us and told Iris she grew and stuff like that.

Man. It felt so awkward talking to everyone, but once I did it was okay. I wasn't gonna let my shyness take over. Not like last time. xD I did half the things I did w/o thinking. Woo!

M: Hi.
T: Hey.
M: How've you been? Why aren't you dancing anymore?
T: Good. Uh, gas is expensive.
M: *stares*
T: Ya' know, since we live so far away?
M: *continues to stares*
T: Yeahhh... o.o
M: Okay... *walks over to iris.*

Hahha. That doesn't count.

Aeriel didn't change. :]
Neither did Alyssa.
Chris.. is still a weirdo. xD
David's hair is SUPER long.
Angel got taller.
Alex[is] remembered meeee.
All the little girls still hate me. xD

Longest goodbye ever.

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