Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve.

This year was .. better. I got closer to a lot of people, but, on the other hand, drifted from others. They were important to me, but I lost touch. =/


In 2008 I did a lot of things I wouldn't normally do. It's not a bad thing. xD I became less shy. I told myself Shut up. Stop being stupid. You'll regret not doing it later. Sometimes, I just decided to not think, just do. Oh so many arguments. ;] I tried to be as selfless as I could. I think about life more now. I think I'm more grown up. Or, at least, I hope so.

So many times I spent with those I love. <3 Ate's Wedding, apartment BBQ, Spring Break, Motu'aina Christmas party, Monterey, San Francisco, Drama performances, DDRMaxx birthdays, C+AZ, the whole summer w/ my brother, those countless times I stayed at Nikki's, Beccah's place too, eating dinner w/ Ate Shei, running errands w/ Ate, & hanging w/ Dad.

Then, those times where I spent it w/ the people I hardly ever see. Pacquiao fight, Brandon's + Archie's birthday, Will's birthday, Norris's birthday, & all those times we all went to SLz. xD

Without everyone, I'd be nothing. I'd be that creepy kid in the back of the class.. or the ultra nerd that studies all day. ;]
-When it comes to music I'm in <3 Alice Nine, DBSK, NEWS, Arashi, Dir en Grey, the GazettE, Kra, Ayabie, An Cafe, KAT-TUN, Fahrenheit, SHINee & all the others I cant remember right now. xD
-Holy shit at the shitload of shows I've watched this year. xD
-Crazy ammounts of YouTube videos.
-Language status: Tagalog = woot. Japanese = Booooot.
-104 paper cranes so far.
I've never actually done a New Year's resolution before. =/

- Finish 1000 paper cranes.
- Learn frickin' Japanese already.
- Be happy.
- Do some ginormously selfless thing.
- Try to do the things on the "Things I might try" list.
Gah, HAPPY NEW YEAR, I hope this year is better. After all, high school's gonna start. I DONT WANNA DO PE. D:

Things I might try:
- Try out for volleyball @ SLz.
- Learn how to cook some hella good food. ;]
- Be. Less. Afraid.

Once again, HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2009, woot. I LOVE YOU GUYS.

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