Sunday, December 7, 2008

Dear Blogspot,

I'm in great need of a diary.
In which I shall put up all the thoughts
I don't want the world to see.

ANYWAY. Today = Pacquiao fight.

I went over Norris's house at like.. 6-ish expecting the house to be overflowing with all the familiar people I know. I guess I was too early, since only Dominique, Danielle, and Melray were there. Felt pretty weird being there after not seeing them in a while. Slowly things went good tho. Hide n Seek, volleyball, swings, MySpace, pictures w/ Niknik. xD

Oh and we played categories too. >:]
Score, you ask? 3 to nooothhhinnn.

Matthew lost NJ's memory card so we went around looking for it. HELLA MUCH. Tita Grace came in and saved the day. In the end, it had been hidden in behind the drawers underneath of the bed. So then it was only NJ, Matt, Melray, & me w/ our parents. Them singing drunk karaoke, us doing random shit in the room.

We all went into our traditional: Bye! Tanks por coming! Say hi tuu yur mahm, ohkay? Goodnight, oh. So pretty naman. Ay 'nako you kip putting your hair in prahnt ob your payse! You're like dah girl prahm da Incredibells. You're hair isss like diss. *does hand movements* Byebye! Tanks again por coming!

But, as usual, Tita forced us to bring hella food, so I am hella full right about now. xD
OH YEAH. Almost forgot. Norris wasn't even there. xD


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