Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Hey, that's a WoW word. ;]

Damn. So I woke up at 8 today. Walked to school at 9.
Missed first period.

I'M SO STUPID. -_- Just by missing today, I could have possibly pulled my grade down to a B+. A freakin B+ in PE. That is noooooot good. =/
Easy work in Algebra. Easy work in ELA. Set up the stage in Drama.
Today was, all in all, an easy day.

Things done after school:
#1. Ate Hawaiian food w/ DDR & Nikki's dad. xD
#2. Dress rehearsal - Somewhat fun.
#3. Hung out after school w/ everyone. Kayaaaaa <3 <--Freakin got attacked by these other dogs.
#4. Beccah's house.
#5. Nikki's house. <-- Nik's grandma scared us all. D:

We've all just been hit with nostalgia.

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